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isenhart's Journal

27 March
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Feel free to send me an IM. Good luck if you do, since my friends are always complaining how I block everyone. (Hey I use that ancient dial-up thingy, that makes those screaming noises)

So yes, I am a geek, since apparently geeks are the only ones into role-playing (no not that sexual crap you're probably thinking of). I am usually reading or hanging out with friends in my sparetime, as well as playing Diablo 2 over battle.net.

I graduated college with a degree for Business Marketing Management and will be going back for night classes to further better my education. I'm looking back into Adelphi.
I like to think of myself as a funny, resourceful as well as highly articulate person. After three long, tedious years at JCPenney's I was finally "let go" (screwed over). After that history repeated itself and the pharmacy called Vitality Drugs also screwed me over after almost 1 1/2 years of service, I totally resigned in ever accepting a retail job again. In September of 2004 I started working for North Fork Bank as a teller. I caught on pretty fast and am now a head-teller at a different branch. I plan to move as far up as I can.
I'm well written and spoken when it comes to English, and am almost always reading a fantasy novel, writing something, or helping someone else. One year I even taught summer school english to grades 9-12. Currently in the works is a script for a horror movie. I felt inspired to write one ever since I saw "The Devils Rejects" which was the dumbest, most ridiculous horror Rob Zombie ever pulled outta his stupid puckered asshole.

The group I run with is called the Guadsquad. There are two factions, the Queens group, and the North Babylon group. For the members list, check out the Guadsquad community.