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Operation BM Recap

So we're still in the process of moving crap out of the house.  Last week the trailer came.  The power for the trailer came yesterday...  SO thanks to rain, a retarded electrician and my in-laws failure to dispose, sort, or organize anything, we pretty much lost a month's rent for this trailer.  Operation BM has been upgraded to Operation IBM (Irritable Bowel movement)

I've not had a good night's sleep in weeks, since every waking moment here is spent moving useless shit back and forth that will ultimately be thrown out.  I'm working two jobs, for those who didn't know.  40 hour weeks at the editors, and over 20 at sharper image.  Right after work on friday i go to the second job, and my weekends are pretty much there too.  On the times I don't have to get up early for work, I still get up early to haul all this useless crap back and forth.  Fuck, even after I get home I'm working my ass off here till 10 or 11...

I haven't asked for anymore help moving this shit because; it's not organized at all, it's a goddam embarassment; and at this point I feel like I'm wasting everyone's time.

It's so bad right now that I'm moving boxes of random crap that hasn't seen the light of day into the trailer without even sorting through it.  The idea behind this is that they will sort it after we're fully moved into the trailer.  Because they save everything, they examine everything.  And if somebody's there to hear the tale of how said item came into they're posession, they will tell the story and waste even more time.

Today I opened up a closet I never opened before.  There were WALL TO WALL cleaning supplies.  As I was carrying out stuff yesterday, I counted at least 4 "weekly "vitamin" holders.  There's boxes of otc meds and suppliments, seemingly everywhere.  There's at least 5 different gimmick complete excercise machines.  There's several goddam boxes of VIDEO TAPES in this trailer RIGHT NOW.  There's just so much crap coming with them I want to start a controlled fire to make things go faster.

When this house is done, it will be beautiful.  Of this there is no doubt.  Downstairs, the inlaws will spend the remainder of their days amongst their rusty, tacky, color-blind 70's nightmare that they horded for almost four decades.  Upstairs will be the complete opposite.  Heather and I have picked out nice colors, fixtures, and tasteful decor.  Also, we will be able to use all the wedding presents you guys gave us.  It's this vision that keeps me going, and prevents me from going ballistic with the Ugly Stick.

Well, wish me luck.  I'm going to now unload Christmas decorations from a crawl space to the storage bin so that we'll never use it.
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