Mike (isenhart) wrote,

The house thus far

The moving so far, hereby dubbed "Operation Bowel Movement" or BM, for short, has gone pretty well.  The house got an enema today from John, Dan, Marisa, Alisha and Brad.  Apparently another several enemas are still needed.  Tomorrow, we'll be doing more.  Once again I will be serving lunch, and dinner if necessary.  The cement is being poured Monday, and takes several days to dry properly.  By next weekend we'll be in another apartment, or trailer, not sure.  Somehow, this house is going to be cleared out by next weekend with me working 2 jobs every day of the week.  Heather's brother and girlfriend Rose has once again lent us moral support rather than physical, and managed to sneak away from responsibility.  His room is still a festering shithole and will remain that way until the wrecking ball smashes it into tiny bits of moldy garbage.  And I, for one, will take great pleasure in watching him scramble to box and save his shit the DAY OF demolition, only to discover, "Hey, someone filled this giant two ton steel box full of their stuff"!  I'm not vindictive but I do like to witness ironic justice in it's glory on the rare occasion.

My back and neck are hurting pretty badly.  For those of you who don't know, I've herniated a disc in my back twice in my lifetime, and recently got over the second injury.  I try to avoid lifting with my back these days, but as for manual labor, Heather's parent's are infirm, she works a physically demanding job and her brother is a complete procrastinator, I'm forced into lifting and moving shit anyway.  I can't wait until this is over so I can finally have some space to relax and possibly heal lol.

Several people have confirmed tomorrow.  Thank you in advance.  I'm saying it now, there's a good chance this crap won't be finished, so those of you who are coming, you do what you can, break when you need, or whatever.  It's not like we're expecting a complete job.  We've been sorting the hidden crap unveiled in today's BM and boxed more and, more importantly, threw out stuff. 

I hated the fact that there was an abundance of downtime today.  When everyone's here, willing and able, I like to make use of that energy.  It also makes me feel like I didn't waste our people's time.  I'm hoping for less on Sunday.  Hell, maybe ill break out the ugly stick again if that happens.

O well, I'm gonna go lay down now.  Thanks again to everybody.
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