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I just made a blog! On the internet!

Soooooooo  Livejournal?  How have u been?  i know, I know, you're just DYING to know what I've been up to.  Well, ok, you convinced me  -- I'll tell you.

My WoW account  (this sentence opener just chased away 95% of readers) expired several days ago, and when I try to use the same credit card to reactivate it, the system rejects it.  I contacted the credit card company to check if it was ok, and it was.  But after a futile attempt to contact Blizzard on the phone several times, I emailed them.  Since it's apparently not in their nature to respond to emails, I actually managed to contact a real live person on the phone last night.  After a grueling 10 mins of account verification it was finally determined that I was indeed DARKANIAN --  HOLY DEFENDER OF THE PEOPLE AND PALADIN LORD OF JUSTICE AND ORDER. 

...and the guy couldn't fix the problem...so now I'm going to waste more money to buy a game card.  I need my fix!

I've been playing Zelda  Twilight Princess and I have to admit this is the hardest Zelda game I've played in a while.  It's not the boss battles thus far, but some of the more clever/long puzzles I've encountered and the fact that in this Zelda game simply pressing the attack button a whole lotta times can simply get you killed.  The map, in most areas can be even more of a puzzle to figure out, as it divides the world into regions that despite it's intent to simplify, complicate things. Steve would've hated this game because of the platform jumping and light stepping thru dangerous terrain.  Hell, if you drown, you DIE and it's game over.  If you fall in lava (and it's very easy to in the 2nd dungeon, you lose massive life. 

I like the fact that Link is not a corny looking cartoon character with 2 inch legs and giant cat-like eyes like in the last game (which I caught a lot of flak for disapproving of in terms of looks).  He looks awesome.  He shows character and emotion while still not speaking.  The story is pretty cool with a lot of cut scenes.  Get the game, it;s worth it.

Thanks to Dan I've joined the goons at Something Awful, and I have to say they're all pretty warped and twisted, just like me and the majority of my friends.  Hell, they even inspire me to do things in Paint and share my wondrous creations.  It's a great forum to just hang out on, and burn time.
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