Mike (isenhart) wrote,

so far so good

Been working at the Bethpage Federal Credit Union training center for the past week, brushing up on banking skills and regulations, learning their system and products in preparation for working in their call center.  I;ve Brad to thank for this sweet position given to me via his temp agency. 

Finally, a job NOT facing the ugly public.  Arrogance is now limited to auditory responses only.  I don't care HOW busy the call center gets, its finally a ONE TRACK job.  No more "doing 100 things at once and spending 4 extra hours at work because some asshole left early, called in sick, or the manager was too cheap to hire more".  

As expected, the job pays better.  Technically, I'm an employee of the agency working under Bethpage FCU.  In a delightful twist of fate, another brance will be opening up a town away from me later this year.  Since a credit union is, in a nutshell, CARING about their employees, I may just move back into an actual branch of theirs, as a supervisor once again.

I have added this paragraph to randomly blabber about anything that comes to mind, since nobody reads my posts these days or bothers to comment.  i'm the lord jesus christ.  I live to rape paper dolls and fart on small woodland creatures.   I snort pubic hairs and give myself swirlys in the toilet.

The agency I work for gave me a temp position in American Home Mortgage to do some basic data entry.  They said it would be 3 days of boring work.  I was given a shit ass laptop and told what to export the files in their database to another type of file.  They said there's 1600.  Well ok then.  No problem.  We'll see how well Mike works when he's not inturrupted a thousand times a minute and left to do a task.  I finished the job in 7.5 hours.  Apparently, I shocked the hell outta their IT department because it was 1600 for the THREE DAYS of work, and I, Like a moron, did it in ONE  thinking it was 3 days of 1600 each.  Great job, and fucking shit...I went home that day, wothout an extra job to do the next two, lol.
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