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random thoughts of the day

I watched some UFC earlier.  I dunno, I'm not a big fan.  I kinda find it boring.  Every time I watch its either 2 guys dancing around eachother occasionally throwing a punch or kick for several minutes, or 2 guys hugging and rolling around on the floor.  I don't follow storylines or feuds, I guess that's where the entertainment comes from.  But what I do know is that these guys, who are all blackbelts in whatever karate or fighting syile they claim to be a master of, aren't shit in comparason to my and craig's old sensei.  As far as I was concerned, that man was untouchable. 


So wherever I go these days, be it shopping at the mall, going to a movie, eating at a resturaunt or simply getting a coffee, I see kids and teens with those stupid goddam skate-shoes skating around.  They look so ridiculous--one foot flat with the other kicked up 45 degrees side by side, sliding across a 5 foot floor that's apparently too difficult and time-consuming to simply walk across.  And the thoughs that cross my mind are sadistic, involving a triprope, a drop kick, a sack of marbles and/or a sawed-off shotgun.


I wish I was more into engineering and automechanics as a hobby.  I would love to create a mechanism that, when activated,  raises a highly polished 2 way mirror across my back window.  This would allow me to reflect all bright lights into the windshield of the motorist behind me, while still allowing me to see.  The driver behind me is now faced with the option of correcting his overestimation of brightness from his headlights, or seeing self-induced spots in front of his eyes for a duration of time at his choosing. 


I would also like to invent a portable electro magnetic pulse emitter.  EMP's, as far as I know, (and correct me if you really care)  halt electromagnetic function.  Now imagine that you can direct an EMP to a local target.  What would you choose?  Oh boy, what wouldn't I choose.  The most obvious choice for most would probably be cell phones.  Personally, I would love to disable cell phones in movie theatres.  Not only would I aim for the ones that go off, but I'd certainly shoot for the ones with glowing backlights that morons have to constantly check during a movie.  Great, you're not making any noises, but you might as well be pointing a laser pointer into my fucking retina.  I'd also aim for MP3 players of people that insist on singing along to in public. 
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UFC: Takes some getting used to, I kinda enjoy it but lately I tape it and fastforward through the garbage

skate-shoes: Bmann wanted a pair

refelctive mirror: I would buy that

EMP: They were trying to pass a law or something to have cell phones sigals blocked at movie theatres. Didn't work though, people considered it a safety hazzard. Because, you know, back in the 80's we were all going to die without our cell phones