Mike (isenhart) wrote,

Job Status

Just when I thought the job agency was a conglamoration of incompetent tardo's, they finally referred me to a decent place.  Currently, I'm working a temp to perm job doing editorial work for Cambridge Who's Who, in the OMNI building in Uniondale.  Amazingly, this job referral actually benefits from my English teaching, and writing skill. 

The work is steady, challenging and keeps my interest.  I'm also looking for a second job for the holidays, and so far it looks as if it will be The Sharper Image, in Roosevelt Field.  I have an interview there Tuesday.  Hopefully I can get it, and buy everyone's christmas gifts from them at a discount, lol.

I know I've been MIA for a while, it couldn't be helped, and I apologize.  Hopefully this will change soon.

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