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After more than 5 years of not seeing a dentist, I went on monday.  Apparently, I have good teeth, despite the horrific misalignment of my jaw thanks to a seemingly harmless slap in the face at 15.  They found my first ever cavity, so the 26 year streak of a cavity free mouth was broken.  It was a minor one, on the biting surface of my top lefthand molar.  I had to go in today to have it drilled and filled.  Halfway thru the operation, it was discovered I need more novacaine than most, but I told the doc "To hell with it, we're almost done"  lol. 

Sometime in the near future i WILL need surgury to realign my jaw.  The doc says that eventually the bones themselves will start grinding, causing a lot of pain, not to mention the fact that I'm grinding my teeth as well.  I'm looking forward to that time-- having my jaw wired shut, eating thru a tube for several months.  Not being able to tell Mike Jokes, and shutting up for once in my life.
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