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So I've been reading up on some classic stories, specifically, the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.  I want to become at least knowledgable of the stories to tie them into a special book (possibly movie script) that I'm about to undertake soon.  While i'm not about to announce the entire story line on LJ, know that's it's a little horrific, yet campy.  I'm working on maiking the characters as three dimensional as possible, while comparing them to favorites of my own.  I know it sounds vauge, but it'll make sense in the future.

On another note, I am awaiting my test date for the post office battery exam.  As much as I hate serving the public these days, I cannot overlook the salary, medical coverage, and perks of being a government employee.  When I was little I wanted to become a fireman, but thanks to the asthma I got some smoke inhalation at a young age, that dream dissappeared.  Besides, why wield an axe at one job when I can eventually weild a semi-automatic at another???  ;-)

I'm pretty upset that my current job wasn't up to par with scheduling and insurance.  Hourly pay was good, but the hours were too few.  I was hoping by this year I'd be stable with the income, but no, I'm not.  I wanted to do this BBQ out of pocket for a change, but it's not gonna happen...and I wanted a seafood dish this time too!  lol  SOmething like an canjun seasoned salmon steak or some shrimp skewers...

Well at least I have the portable gas grill. 
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